Le Macchiole – Bolgheri Rosso – 2009

24 12 2011

Finally got a winner after a few nights of mediocre wine. I really liked this one. Velvety smooth, slightly jammy with hints of earthiness.

I like my wines a bit more leather and tobacco, but  this was really nice.

Price: £16

Tony score: 8/10


Tavannes – Pommard – 2008

24 12 2011

I’m just not a Bourgogne/Pinot fan. Too subtle for me.

Not offensive but had little character. OK for just plain table wine. But to me not worth the cost.

Price: £23

Tony score: 5/10


Chateaux de Lascaux – Coteaux di Landuedoc – 2009

24 12 2011

 Nothing special about this wine. Not offensive but had little character. OK for just plain table wine.


Price: £10

Tony score: 5/10

Loidana – Priorat – 2007

20 12 2011

This wine started out wonderful. Very well balanced and very smooth. Nice earthy tones. I was ready to give it a 9.

We started dinner and continued drinking the wine. The wine’s character really evaporated in about an hour. By the end it was still a very good wine, but the terroir was gone and instead the wine was more fruity than in the beginning.

I was really hoping it would remain constant it would certainly have been a best pick for me.

So, alas no 9 but I think it still deserves an 8. Nice wine just not the blow your socks off wine I tasted with the first sip.

Price: £15

Tony score: 8/10

La Dame Rousse – Lirac – 2008

19 12 2011

 Working through my current mixed case. This wine is fairly jammy and smooth also tannic enough to make your tongue stick to the top of your mouth (should age well). Fairly warm and rich with alcohol.

I tend to prefer wines that are more smoky, leathery, tabbacco-y. Not what I was looking for but really not bad.

Price: £13

Tony score: 6/10

Schistes – Coteaux du Languedoc – 2007

18 12 2011

This wine cost a whopping £8. Spicy, lightly fruit forward, very warm. It is not terribly interesting but is a very drinkable, decent everyday wine. Good value for the price.


Tony score: 5/10

Caburnio – Toscana – 2007

18 12 2011

Finally ventured over to Lea and Sandeman’s on Kensington Church Street in London and got a mixed case. Very helpful folks. I got a real mix of wines covering a wide spectrum of grapes and price ranges.

Tried out Caburnio by Tenuta Moneti with dinner last night.

Nice wine, great for the price £12. It started out slightly “barny” but opened up after a while and ended with light fruit notes on the back end. Much better than the fruit bombs you usually get in this price range. I’ll defnitelt be trying this one again.

Tony Rating: 7/10